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International Adoption Statistics

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Ranking State/Territory Period Population 1) No. of Adoptions Adoption Rate 2) Number of Countries 3)
Last Few Years Most Recently
1Australian Capital TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory2008 - 20090.3 million175.24146
2South AustraliaSouth Australia2008 - 20091.5 million432.801811
3TasmaniaTasmania2008 - 20090.5 million122.48135
4QueenslandQueensland2008 - 20093.9 million731.863817
5New South WalesNew South Wales2008 - 20096.8 million1071.584718
6Western AustraliaWestern Australia2008 - 20092 million291.452712
7VictoriaVictoria2008 - 20095 million701.405016
8Northern TerritoryNorthern Territory2008 - 20090.2 million21.00102
1) Population is taken from Wikipedia.
2) Adoption Rate is calculated as Number of Adoptions per 100,000 inhabitants for a state/territory.
3) Number of Countries is the number of countries there has been adoptions from.